Battle of Anghiari – Leonardo da vinci

Battle of Anghiari - Leonardo da vinci
Reconstruction of Battle of Anghiari
Reconstruction of “Niccolò Piccinino”

Central person – Niccolo Piccinino

Leonardo probably painted his composition not on the west wall, but on the southern half of the east wall of the Sala Grande.Michelangelo’s so-called Battle of Cascina was to appear on the other half of the same wall.

Assuming that the two paintings were indeed intended for the east wall, they would each have covered an area of some 7 x 17.5 metres.

Nowadays, copies of the central battle scene are widely known, but originally battle scenes were planned to be drawn on both sides.
It seems that the composition was a composition with a bridge drawn on the right side like Battle of Milvian Bridge.

Judging from some of the copies and drawings that are currently being learned, Leonardo seems to be making a central battle scene without completing the detailed drawings of the left and right battle scenes.

My ultimate goal is to complete the reconstruction of Battle of Anghiari.

Earlier, when I restored the Last Supper, it took about a decade, but this Battle of Anghiari will require that much more.