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The Last Supper reproduction

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The Last Supper in the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan was considered Leonardo's most famous painting even in his own day, but its condition had already started to deteriorate within some 20 years, as noted by Antonio de Beatis in his diary in later sources.
The wall-painting, executed not in buon fresco in a mixed technique, has been the object of repeated restoration campaigns.
Every time restoration is repeated mural paintings are far from the original of Leonardo.
Mural paintings that you can see in Milan now are completely different from the original painted by Leonardo. No one can see Leonardo's real The Last Supper in Milan.

This poster faithfully reproduced the original of Leonardo. The truth of Leonardo's The Last Supper will be revealed.


Seven distinctive features

1 Complete restoration of the state at the time of completion by 1/13 size

The Last Supper of the original is a large screen of 4.6 m in width and 9.1 m in width.
When actually standing in front of a picture many people are surprised by the unexpected size of the mural painting.
Once Louis XII of France was fascinated by this mural, somehow he tried to go home with his wall but eventually he had to give up.
The huge paintings were faithfully reproduced on the scale of 1/13 with the figure at the time of completion.
Please appreciate The Last Supper you could not bring home even at Luis XII at your home.

2 Faithfully restore the color of Leonardo

The 22-year restoration that took place from 1977 to 1999 made the color of The Last Supper dramatically bright and clear. However, the bright color that seems to be the pastel picture is quite different from other works by Leonardo.
The colors are quite different from The Virgin of the Rocks , Virgin and Child with St Anne, and Mona Lisa.
The obvious thing is that the color that Leonardo drew is completely lost.

In the restored picture, we adjust colors, saturation, and lightness based on the colors collected from the existing Leonardo works to reproduce the color of The Last Supper and faithfully reproduce the original color.
Please appreciate The Last Supper that was reproduced in the original color of Leonardo, which can not be seen in any other art collection.

3 Reproduce delicate expression of the apostles

The murals of the screen are hopeless as you see the original mural in close-up.
The original state that Leonardo drew is almost lost.
You can not hope for a delicate expression like the one you see in the drawing for The Last Supper of the Windsor Castle Collection to the current original.
In the reconstruction these facial expressions were faithfully reproduced based on Leonardo's drawings.
You will be able to reconfirm that the harmony that the precise expression of all 12 apostles plays, including Jesus in the center, is the theme of The Last Supper.

4 Reproduce the lost Jesus' legs

The most disappointing part of The Last Supper is probably part of Jesus' leg, which was lost.
The part of the wall which was greatly scraped is a state in which the appearance of the screen is greatly missed just by closing the hole.
Restored figure completely restored this lost Jesus leg.
You will be able to see Jesus drawn by Leonardo that you can never see in the original mural painting.

5 Detailed depiction of the menu of The Last Supper

What the menu that was drawn in The Last Supper is part that many people are interested in.
Unfortunately, however, at The Last Supper, It does not know exactly what was being drawn to the extent that fish-like contours are faintly visible.
In the restored figure, including these menus, accurately reproduce the dishes and knives on the table, the finger bowl, the jug, and the salt pot.
You can see what the scene of the last supper set by Leonardo was.

6 Complete restoration of lost background

The depiction of the landscape that was drawn in The Last Supper is also the extent that the contours of the distant mountains are thin even with the current mural paintings.
Originally the depiction of the lake, the church beside Jesus, the winding roads around John's shoulder, etc. were carefully drawn, and the last dinner was made a deep painting of the depth.
In the restored picture, these backgrounds are realistically reproduced based on Monara Lisa, St. Anne and the Virgin and Child background descriptions.
A red-brown depiction on the front yellow background, an air perspective drawing the blueness gradually increasing as you go to the distant view, and a landscape portrayal drawn with the famous Sfumart is worthy of Leonardo's The Last Supper

7 The truth of the last supper

It is only 15 minutes for tourists from all over the world to stand before The Last Supper.
Since 13 people are drawn on the screen, you can only use about one minute at a time to see one person.
Will you be able to appreciate every corner of the screen in just that little time?
For example, do you know what kind of ceiling the Leonardo actually painted?
Most people can not answer.
After finishing sightseeing in Milan and going back to your country and watching a fine art collection the answer is the same.
Although it is a famous painting to this extent, in fact there are no people who know the truth of The Last Supper.

If you have the opportunity to go to see The Last Supper in Milan in the future, I definitely recommend you to take a look at my restoration of The Last Supper in advance.
Surely it will make 15 minutes in Milan the best.

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the last supper detail2

the last supper detail3

[upper right] Detail of the Philip

[left] Detail of the Andrew and James Minor


Detail of the Bartholomew - Reconstruction of The Last Supper


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Custom order image - canvas print