Restoring Simon's mantle
Restoring Simon’s mantle

When I started restoring the Last Supper, I had a hard time gathering information because the internet environment was not as good as it was now.

There was not enough information to restore Simon’s mantle, and I was quite worried about how to restore mantle.

Since the restoration work had just started, too much attention I was paid to the information on the details of the wall, and there was much wasteful effort.

Restoring Simon’s mantle

The most important point I noticed was that the information on the mural was of little use.

Leonardo’s Last Supper is barely left on the walls of Milan.There was no need to worry about the colors remaining on the walls.
Because the pigments to finish do not exist anywhere on the wall.

As is the case with color, the drapery has no trace on the wall at all.

When restoring Simon’s mantle, I mainly referred to reproductions of Giampietrino.

Detail of Simon’s mantle

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