Restoration of Simon’s clothing

Silk expression

The costumes of the apostles at the Last Supper are represented by two different fabrics.
One is a mantle expressed with a silky texture, and the other is a garment made of fibers such as cotton or hemp with a dull surface.

In this Simon, the red mantle must be painted with a shiny fabric and the white shirt must be painted with a soft material such as cotton.

In the case of Leonardo, when drawing these silky mantle, the highlight is to draw with thin sharp lines on the folds of the fabric.

In my case, when drawing these mantles, I depicted them based on the depiction of the mantle worn by the angel of Virgin of the Rock.

Leonardo’s technique

Virgin of the Rock
Virgin of the Rock

Vatican tapestry

The details of Simon’s clothing are unfortunately scarcely visible on the current wall.

After all, I had to proceed with the production of restoration drawings with reference to the depiction of duplicates such as Giampietrino or Vatican tapestry.

This depiction of Simon is also a very valuable resource. In particular, it is very important depiction that the mantle that hangs over the chair while folding. No other example depictions Simon’s mantle in greater detail.

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