Restoration of Matthew's head
Restoration of Matthew’s head

The mural Matthew has an elegant atmosphere.
At the time Matin was being cleaned and repaired, Pinin Brambilla Barcilon had already established a repair method.

From a personal opinion, it is conceivable that at this time she realized the limitations of the information obtained from the walls and began using information from reproductions such as Giampietrino for restoration work.

Matthew – Original

Finding a piece of Leonardo’s fragment in such a terrible state requires a painter’s artistic sense rather than just restorative techniques.

The restoration of the apostles, from Tadday to Jesus, has a consistent her sense and deserves respect and praise.

Matthew - Original
Matthew – Original

Around Matthew’s face, Leonardo’s drawing layer remains in relatively good condition.
However, simply cleaning and repairing does not restore the condition that can be judged to be Leonardo’s work.

In order to establish it as a painting, it is necessary to add the minimum neutral repaint.

Reconstruction of Matthew
Reconstruction of Matthew

Matthew is, in a sense, a model of Leonard’s ideal male image.
Unfortunately, there is no drawing that can be judged as Matthew

Had it existed, it would have been one of the most beautiful drawings of Leonardo.

Reconstruction of Matthew

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