Bartholomew's green mantle
Bartholomew’s green mantle

Bartholomew’s green mantle in the mural has a good layer of drawing.
However, it is not something that can confirm the position and shape of the folds.

When I restored the mantle was drawn with reference to the costume of the Angel from Virgin of the Rock.

I think the Virgin of the Rock is a work it has completed Leonardo’s painting techniques.

Left Vatican tapestory
Right Giampietrino’s copy

The two important reproductions are drawn by different people at completely different times.

Nevertheless, the two paintings have a common depiction.
It proves the authenticity of these reproductions.

Of particular interest is the left half of Bartholomew’s clothing on the Vatican tapestry.

Many painters, including Giampietrino, omit this part, so very few paintings show how this part was depicted.

In many other respects, the Vatican tapestry is an invaluable resource for knowing the truth of the Last Supper.

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