Restoration of Bartholomew's head
Restoration of Bartholomew’s head

Leonardo has prepared a beautiful drawing to draw Bartholomew.

Although the elaborately drawn drawing does not seem to require any changes, Leonardo made many changes to the drawing in the actual production.

Therefore, the drawing of Windsor Castle cannot be used as it is.

Drawing for Bartholomew

The major difference is the angle of the neck, which does not fit the mural Bartholomew at all.

Such a change is a normal procedure in Leonardo’s work, and in most cases it is almost never done without change.
It is a characteristic of Leonardo to start production without deciding the perfect composition at first.

However, it is true that his work is often incomplete because of this changing production process.

Restoration of Bartholomew

Leonardo partially prepared the drawings of the face and hands when making the painting, but never drawn the pose of the person using the model.
For this reason, Leonardo’s works have some anatomically strange parts.

In my opinion, Leonardo is not very good at drawing shoulders.
I feel that the description from the neck to the shoulder is often unnatural.
It is not a realistic depiction using a model.
It is drawn with a rather sensuous, Leonardo-specific interpretation of the shoulders.

It is found in his masterpiece Mona Lisa, St. Anna and Virgin and Child.
The shoulders are embedded in a large round arc.

Leonardo draws the body of a person with a concept, not a realism.

Bartholomew – mural

Among the traces of Leonardo that are faintly visible on the wall, what I am interested in is the trace of Bartolomew’s depiction of the hair.

It has drawn sharper and rougher than expected.

Thomas’s hair is also drawn with a similar sharp touch.

The image is quite different from Leonardo’s unique sfumato.

Reconstruction of Bartholomew's head
Reconstruction of Bartholomew’s head

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