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mona lisa digital restoration

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People all over the world believe that Mona Lisa rests her left arm on the armrest of an armchair, but she may have a book on the left hand.
The reasons are as follows,
The armchair chair has a very strange shape, probably because it was due to amend the part that was originally the book to the armrest part.
Next, her left hand's finger is retouched.The fingers of the left hand may have been lightly inserted into the book initially, Leonardo may have modified it to the form it seems today.
Raffaello drew Maddalen Doni with a book in her left hand, after sketching the Mona Lisa. The portrait of Maddalena Doni is heavily influenced by the attitude and composition of Mona Lisa. Rafaelo may have seen Mona Lisa holding a book.
In addition, portrait of Isabella d'Este also have hints.
This portrait have some similarity with the Mona Lisa, it is a costume, a pose, and a representation of the right hand.

Obviously, this portrait has a big influence on Mona Lisa.  An important point, Isabella d'Este has book. If she was a model of Mona Lisa, it would be natural for Mona Lisa to have a book.
Namely , whether Mona Lisa has a book or not, It is an important condition to specify the model of the Mona Lisa.

Isabella d'Este was described as a beauty, with dark eyes and golden hair. She was famous for her fashion sense -- her style was copied by noble women throughout Europe. Her portrait was painted twice by Titian -- when she was 60 he risked his reputation by painting from an image of her when she was 25 -- and also by Leonardo da Vinci, Mantegna, Rubens and others.


Many theories about Mona Lisa are absurd.
It is only strange idea that I can not feel authenticity.
In order to understand Mona Lisa it is necessary to seriously face the work itself.
All of the opinions stated about Mona Lisa are about the finished state Mona Lisa presently found, but when considering the production process and initial state of Mona Lisa, a different view is also generated from the existing opinion .
It is important to know what exactly Leonardo was about to draw.


mona lisa pillar1mona lisa pillar3


For example, it is the background of Mona Lisa.
The background of Mona Lisa has an unnatural part in the connection between the near view and the distant view.
The reason is that it can be interpreted that there was only a distant view in the original mona lisa.
In the near view, there is a high possibility that the composition has changed considerably considerably in progress.


mona lisa stage2


The era of Leonardo is an era of mixing technique in painting technology.
The basic technology is nothing but tempela technique, and oil coloring technique was a new technology just beginning to be used in part.
Leonardo is no exception, and his paintings are started with the Tempera technique.
The most excellent characteristic of tempela is quick-drying property, and production can proceed efficiently.
Another major feature of Leonardo under drawing stage is to use blue paint for drawing.


Mona Lisa and Isabella d'Este

Mona Lisa - Isabella d'Este image


mona lisa w-image

Portrait of Isabella d’Este has been pricked to allow the image to be transferred, was originally longer and included Isabella's hands holding a book—she wished to be appreciated for her learning as well as her looks.


mona lisa stage3

Mona Lisa Stage 3

It is customary for Leonardo to start drawing the background from the initial stage.
He first draws vertically long mountains with a brush and then draws pigments containing much oil in the sky and lake area of the background with fingers.


mona lisa straight line

Mona Lisa Stage 4

Originally Leonardo drawn the armrest part of the chair in a straight line design. However, gradually the armrest part is connected with the surrounding shawls and her books and integrated.


mona lisa stage5

Mona Lisa Stage 5

mona lisa stage6

Mona Lisa Stage 6

After roughly drawing the background, Leonardo draws the head in detail.
Clothes only draw rough folds and colors, the depiction of details is not advanced so much at this stage.



mona lisa stage6

Mona Lisa Stage 7

After coloring the rough clothes, Leonardo advances the depiction of the background in detail.
The background on the left side of Mona Lisa is in common with the background of The virgin of the Rocks. In other words, it is a combination of mountains composed of vertically long rocks and low mountains drawn with relatively gentle curves.


mona lisa stage8

Mona Lisa Stage 8

Conversely, the background on the right side of Mona Lisa has less vertical configuration and diagonal configuration increases. This way of drawing will be the mainstream of the way to draw the background of Leonardo afterwards, and will be fully used in the background of Virgin and Child with St Anne.



mona lisa stage8

Mona Lisa Stage 9

Leonardo extended the background downwards while drawing the details of the background. Therefore, the position of the pillar was forced to change.


mona lisa stage10

Mona Lisa Stage 10

The magical atmosphere of Mona Lisa is largely due to the depiction of the background.
The background is not drawn in a consistent composition, it is partially drawn and it is not relevant. Such inconsistency is tailoring the background of Mona Lisa into a magical atmosphere.


mona lisa stage12



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Earlier Mona Lisa

Leonardo repeat retouched or altered Mona Lisa on a long term.
More especially the veil stands out, it gradually increased toward the right and left both sides.
She was originally slim and simple, showing individual characteristics of Leonardo's manner of th costumes.

Leonardo da vinci mona lisa outlineLeonardo da vinci mona lisa digital reconstruction

Removed the veil - right



leonardo da vinci mona lisa reconstruction 3Leonardo da vinci mona lisa reconstruction left

Out line - left
Earlier mona lisa




Raffaello obviousiy sketched this earlier version of the Mona Lisa, in 1504.




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Hidden Line in the Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa high lightMona Lisa high light red

High light image of the Mona Lisa
Line in the dark




Table of the mona LisaNew revelations about the Mona Lisa

Table and shadow



New revelation come out about the Mona Lisa  (Table)

mona lisa backlightbacklight genga

Backlight and shadow
Reconstruction of table and dark portion



Very great charm of shadow and light is to be found in the faces of those who sit in the doors of dark houses.
The eye of the spectator sees that part of the face which is in shadow lost in the darkness of the house, and that part of the face which is its draws its brilliancy from the splendour of the sky.
From this intensification of light and shade the face gains greatly in relief and beauty by showing the subtlest shadows in the lght part and the subtlest light in the dark part.   

- Notebook of Leonardo -




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