The lunettes

Reconstruction of the lunettes


The epigraph in the central Lynette refers to Ludovico Sforza and Beatrice d'Est, the duke and duchess of Milan.
The inscription reads, "LV[dovicus]MA[ria]BE[attic]EST[entire]SF[Ortiz]AN[glide]DVX[Mediolani."
The letters, now white, stand out from the red background of the preparation, but they must have been in gold on a bright blue background, to judge from the few remaining traces of blue.

In the three minor lunettes, the festoons include clusters of prunes, apricots, apples, pears, dates, oaks, and Scotch pine, variously arranged but repeated identically.
The central Lynette is embellished with other varieties of fruit, including blackberries, olives, and large quinces.


Process of reconstruction

Lunette originalLeft: Central lunette - original

1, Fortunately, many contours remain.

2, Red ground

3, Epigraph,knotte,fluttering ribbons were lost.



Reconstruction lunette-1Reconstruction "leaves - left"






Reconstruction lunette-4Reconstruction "leaves - right"






Reconstruction lunette-5Reconstruction "knotte,fluttering ribbons"



Reconstruction lunette-6Reconstruction "the letters"



Reconstruction lunette-7Reconstruction "the coats of arms"

The Sforza biscione (dragon) is painted in blue on one silver stripe.

The mural sketch is painted by Leonardo, but has not been adopted in the end.



AsseUnfortunately, the detailed drawing of the shield emblem has now been lost.
Therefore, I referred to the figure on the left for restoration.


Left   "Coat of arms of the Sforza family with falcons and serpents  (Sala delle Asse)"