Reconstruction of Leda and the Swan - Kiyoshi Bando
Reconstruction of Leda and the Swan – Kiyoshi Bando

Reconstruction of Leda and the Swan

Leda and the swan are also one of Leonardo’s most important works.
It has not been praised as highly as Mona Lisa or the Last Supper because the work does not exist, but if it does exist, it should be praised as Leonardo’s climax work.

It is interesting that the theme is Leda.
Just imagine how about Leonardo’s interpretation of the lady’s nude was.

According to Leonardo’s drawings, Leda is never a slim body.
This is where the medieval standards of beauty differ from the modern standards of beauty.

Also note the interpretation of Leonardo’s contrapposto method.

Leonardo’s elegance, dignity and sense of balance should have been fully demonstrated in these areas.

Reconstructing them is quite difficult.
I repeated trial and error over and over again….

Exquisite curly hair expression

Leonardo shows a difference in dimension from other painters even when drawing the twins.

Dignity, elegance, and loveliness.
All of them are harmonious and radiant.

No matter how many times I drew it, it was far from Leonardo’s infant, and I abandoned it many times and stopped producing.

When I reconstruction the Leda and the Swan, Infants drawn by Leonardo’s contemporary painters are rarely helpful.
The depiction is also rough, and neither elegance nor dignity is expressed.