Restoration of John's head
Restoration of John’s head

John’s head also differs significantly from some reliable reproductions.

The cleaning and repair work for the last supper was initially largely dependent on Pinin Brambilla Barcilon’s personal abilities, however, from the left half of the mural, it seems that cleaning and repair work is being performed by the team due to the sponsor’s convenience.

Therefore, the restoration accuracy differs between the right and left halves of the mural.

Personally, the left half of the mural feels rough work.

John's face in mural
John’s face in mural

Although the fine depiction has been lost, John’s face has some more layers of painting than the other apostles.

However, as with other apostles, there is almost no drawing layer left on the hair.
It is very unfortunate that the last supper of the mural has no hair left, painted with Leonard’s fine workmanship.

Reconstruction of John’s face

John must have depicted the ideal face that Leonardo has pursued for many years, and if it did exist, it would have been a work representative of Leonardo’s art.
To restore John, the Virgin of Rock will be helpful.

Detail of John
Detail of John’s mouth
Detail of John's hair
Detail of John’s hair
Restoration of John
Restoration of John

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