Completion of Simon
Completion of Simon

Restoring Simon’s legs

It can be assumed that Leonard started painting the Last Supper mural from Simon.
The reason can be found in the drawing for the Last Supper prepared by Leonardo.

The rightmost figure in the small drawing is drawn in the similar pose as the current Simon.
Further more,The person next to it shows exactly the same pose as Thaddeus.

However, from around the third Matthew, the pose of the person no longer matches the pose of the drawing.

Drawing for the Last Supper

Leonardo Drawing

In addition, the fourth person and the fifth person from the right also feel the prototype of James Major and Philip.

However, the people on the left are so far away from the conception that they can’t find anything in common.

Another point to note is the difference in the shape of the apostles’ clothing.

Simon and Thaddeus wear the same classic open sleeves as the drawings, but from Matthew the cuffs are tightened at the wrist.

Leonardo clearly deviates from the original conception as he draws to the left.

Apostles’ legs

Detail of Simon’s foot

The state of the walls of the Last Supper is disastrous, but especially the depiction below the table is catastrophic.

The position of Simon’s feet can be seen, but the depiction of its details is now completely lost.

When I drew the toes of these apostles, I restore them with reference to the toes on St. Anna and the Virgin and Child.

Restoration of Simon’s foot

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