Restoration of John

Leonardo Blue

There are few vivid blues in Leonardo’s paintings, and a lot of dark blue with slightly dull saturation.
For example, Virgin of Rock and The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne do not show vivid blue.

If I restore the Last Supper with vibrant blue, It will be feel quite strange.
That’s why I represent John’s clothing with a dull blue color.

In the Giampietrino’s reproductions, John’s clothes are painted in a fairly dark color.
On the other hand, another important reproduction, the Vatican tapestry, is represented in a completely different color.
It appears to be reproduced in red clothing.

Vatican Tapestries

Tapestry fading

In the case of Vatican tapestries, the thread is dyed with dye, so discoloration and fading are severe, and the current color does not always represent the original color of the production.

The combination of red clothing and red mantle would be unnatural.

In my personal opinion, I assume that John was painted in a fairly deep purple blue.

However, in this Last Supper reconstruction, John’s clothes is reproduced in the dark blue that Leonardo often uses.

Drawing details

Details of John

Pearl brooch

The Last Supper’s apostles each have a brooch on their chest.

Leonardo is unique in the design and drawing of this brooch, and is almost consistent from his youth to his later years.

The feature is best depicted in the brooch for the Virgin of the Rock, and I refer to this depiction to draw the brooch of each apostle.

And around the brooch, decorations are drawn on the collar, and the decorations are different for each apostle.

It is now hardly known what the decoration was. There are traces of the use of gold decorations in some parts, but there is also the possibility of later additions.

I finished the decoration of the apostles’ neck once to complete the whole thing, but I’m not very happy with the depiction.

I would like to spend some more time creating a Leonard’s decoration.

Depiction of John’s hand

Details of John’s hand – mural

In the Last Supper of the mural, the depiction of John’s hand is still present, albeit faint.
It is lucky because depiction of many apostles’ hand are often only outlines.

The drawing of Leonardo for the depiction of John’s hand is still present.

Leonardo’s drawing for Joh

Need for correction

Leonardo’s fingers are realistic.
In particular, there are features in the joints of the fingers.
I think Leonardo is drawing while looking at the real thing when drawing a finger.

However, in later years, the depiction of the finger joints will be smooth.

Typical examples are the fingers of Mona Lisa and John the Baptist.

Overlaid image – 1
Overlaid image – 2
Overlaid image – 3

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