Completion of James Major

Impossible seat arrangement

The Last Supper is a religious painting, and by its nature it needs to be clear enough to be easily understood by the general public.

However, Leonardo’s Last Supper is a painting with big problem in terms of clarity.

For example, where James Major sits is a problem.

This is where John should sit.

The center of the screen is of course Jesus, and on both sides the most important apostles, John and Peter, should sit.

Leonardo adopted seating according to this tradition in earlier plans of his drawing.

However, at some point Leonardo has adopted a completely different and creative seating arrangement.

Rebellion against religious authority

Virgin of the Rock is one of Leonardo’s most important paintings during the Milan era, but the painting was also refused by the Society due to its difficult composition, which led to a long trial.

Some aspects of Leonardo’s production attitude ignore tradition and authority.

This makes it difficult to understand the content of the painting.

Why did Leonard draw James Major in this position?

Unraveling it will make it clear what Leonardo was trying to paint in his Last Supper.

Detail of James Major’s hand

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