Completion of Bartholomew
Completion of Bartholomew

The key to restoring Bartholomew is the color of the clothing.
In the murals, it may look like light blue, but in fact it has a reddish glaze over it, which should eventually be purple.

Now, in my restored Bartholomew, this purple is faintly reproduced, but it is likely that it was originally a darker purple.

And another important point is Bartholomew’s crossed legs.

At the beginning of the restoration process, I did not realize that Bartolomew’s feet were crossed, and had not understand what the legs would look like.

I had judged Bartholomew’s left foot as part of the chair leg.

I took quite a while to notice the mistake.

In the current state of the Last Supper murals, the depictions of the apostles’ legs under these tables have been largely lost.

After careful restoration one by one, I had realized that there was a contradiction in the integrity of the upper and lower bodies of the apostles.

There are various reasons for this, I think the lower body is not drawn by Leonardo, but by Milan painters.

Digital restoration Bartholomew – Kiyoshi Bando

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