Battle of Cascina - Authenticity of Sangallo's work

Michelangelo - original
Bastiano da Sangallo, Copy of Battle of Cascina



Michelangelo's drawings for Battle of Cascina almost non existent. Currently known are only two drawings owned by Taylor Museum. The two drawings are also drawn in the copy of Sangallo and there is no doubt that these drawing were drawn for the Battle of Cascina.

At first glance these two pictures look just like it, but When comparing two pictures, it will find that the details are actually quite different.

The reason for that may be that the skill of Sangallo was immature or his free arrangement was added. In any case, Battle of Cascina drawn by Sangallo can not be regarded as a perfect copy of Michelangelo's original.

The important point is how much change he made.

I think that Sangallo changed quite a lot of parts of Michelangelo's original.



Comparison of two pictures overlaid



The figure on the left is a comparison of two pictures overlaid.

The position and size of the head are particularly different.

In addition, the position of the hands, the position of the legs, and the depiction of the body are also quite different.

Strictly, the two are completely different things.