Battle of Cascina - Michelangelo

Battle of Cascina

Michelangelo "The Battle of Cascina" - Reconstruction    Copyright © 2019   Kiyoshi Bando


Lost masterpiece "Battle of Cascina"

Unfortunately Michelangelo's original drawing of Battle of Cascina has been lost.

The only duplicate that is currently left is the cartoon of Aristotile da Sangallo.
This cartoon seems fairly faithful to the original of Michelangelo, but there are also parts which are partially suspicious.

Especially soldiers wearing armor are different from style and features seen in later Michelangelo works.
Furthermore, the facial expressions of the soldiers in the last row can not see Michelangelo-like features.

Michelangelo is not interested in decorative patterns of armor at all, his armor is all simple.

A further noticeable point is that the last group of people has many immature points in human body expression.
Especially the person wearing a jacket at the far left is terrible.



Cascina Soldier number

Soldiers number, Copy of Battle of Cascina 



Reconstruction of "Soldier 8"

cascina originalcascina copy

Left    - Michelangelo, Study of Solidiers
Right  - Bastiano da Sangallo, Copy of Battle of Cascina - Details


Subtle difference

The subtle difference stands out when comparing the two works directly.
The first thing to notice is the angle of the body, then the soldier's neck with a large twist. Anatomically, the soldier drawn by Sangallo is thicker muscle than the soldier drew by Michelangelo.   Overall, it seems that Sangallo's work lacks strong shadows and precise form.


Digital restoration Battle of CascinaThe difference is clear when looking at two images in this way.

In order to match the two images it is necessary to rotate the image of Michelangelo slightly.

There is also a difference in the size of the head. Sangallo drawings feels slightly larger.






Digital restoration Battle of CascinaRotate the image to fit the image below.

Differences such as the size of the left foot, the thickness of the neck, etc. are remarkable.

Moreover, the left hand that was drawn is large in terms of balance.



Battle of Cascina - Reconstruction


[ left ] Reconstruction of The Battle of Cascina, 02/10/2016

The Battle of Cascina is scheduled to be completed in 2020.





Battle of Cascina - Reconstruction2 October 02 2016





Battle of Cascina - Sangallo

Bastiano da Sangallo, Copy of Battaglia di Cascina


Michelangelo Casciano -Reconstruction image

Michelangelo Casciano, Reconstruction image - February 18 2018

Michelangelo Casciano, Reconstruction image - April 29 2018

Michelangelo Casciano, Reconstruction image - April 29 2018



Michelangelo Casciano, Reconstruction image - May 20 2018


Michelangelo Casciano, Reconstruction image - May 20 2018