Reconstruction of Battle of Cascina
Reconstruction of Battle of Cascina – Kiyoshi Bando

Comparison with Anghiari

My ultimate goal is to reconstruct the Battle of Anghiari with CG.

And I’m also very interested in the battle of Michelangelo’s Cascina, which was to be depicted in that same space.
The figure above is a reproduction of the painting of the battle of Cascina by Michelangelo.There are some unfinished parts, but considerable mostly parts have been completed.

The composition of this painting is restored based on a reproduction of Aristotele da Sangallo, but I personally feel that it differs greatly from Michelangelo’s art.

Reconstruction of Cascina

Depiction of the heyday of Micelangelo

Where I feel the difference is in the direction of the crowd movement. The crowd drawn by Michelangelo generally has a direction toward a certain point. However, in Sangallo’s reproductions, there is no movement of people who concentrates on one point.

Each of the crowds drawn by Sangallo is moving in different directions.

Not everything is far from Michelangelo’s vision.

I think the important part of Michelangelo’s vision was the left side of the screen.
On the left side of the screen should be drawn a scene of a soldier coming up from the river rushing towards clothes hanging on a tree.

This point is largely lacking in the reproductions drawn by Sangallo.