Detail of the Thaddeus

Head of the Thaddeus - originalReconstruction of the Thaddeus


After restoration, it recovered significant portions of the lips, and the profile of te nose and chin.
Leonardo had originally conceived the beard divided in two halves.

In the area of the clothing, recoveries proved scarce, and serious lacunae exposed large areas of preparation.


The reconstruction process

In the mural ThaddeusThe original condition, hair, beard, and clothing are serious condition.
It almost were lost.

The mantle draped on the left shoulder is completely lost.

The process of reconstruction have to base on the copies.


Reconstruction of Thaddeus's faceThe hair was painted by highlights and delicate white brushstrokes.

It emphasized the hairline with a soft gray glaze.


Reconstruction of Thaddeus's robeIn the robe of Taddeus, the drapery is not recognizable.

Some significant details remain, such as the neckline, embellished with traces of a geometric design with a braided ribbon motif, perhaps an embroidered border, painted with black hatch marks.


Reconstruction of Thaddeus's green mantleTaddeus's green mantle is completely lost.
The green fragments superimposed on Simon's right sleeve are the only evidence of its intense color.

Reconstruction of Thaddeus's handsTaddeus's right hand is lifted toward Simon, and his left hand rests on the table.

This pose conform to the study for the Last Supper.



Compare the Principal Copies

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Under table - Thaddeus's feet

Thaddeus's feet  September 15 2014