Detail of the Simon

Head of the Simon - OriginalReconstruction of the Simon's head

Head of the Simon - Original
Reconstruction of the Simon's head



The Royal Collection at Windsor Castle holds a drawing related to the head of the Simon.
The drawing is executed in red pencil on prepared red paper, with a delicate line that moves from left to right.
In this period, Leonardo's medium was red chalk on red paper or black chalk on white paper.

There are some differences between the drawing of the head of th Simon and the outlines of the Simon in Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan
Especially, right side of the head is noticeable. The neckline and shoulder has to be slightly corrected.


The last supper SimonThe last supper Simon


The last supper SimonThe last supper Simon

The last supper Simon

1,Represented as an elderiy bold man

2, Based on the sketch of the Leonardo

3, Short beard and short hair

4, The gray robe - soft and heavy quality

5, The mantle - silky and vibrant texture


The head of the Simon is not in profile, but rather in three-quarters.

The entire area of the mantle had been glazed with a vermilion lake.


simon 1-2-3




foot of Simon

The feet of the Simon - original
in Santa Maria delle Grazie 

Unfortunately the lower part of the figure below the table is lost.
Only few traces of the feet remain.


Reconstruction of the foot of the Simon

Detail - Reconstruction of the feet, Simon


simon - Vatican

Detail of The Last Supper - Vatican Tapestry

Made in Brussels,  1530. This is a principal copies of the Last Supper.
Especially, lower part of the mantle is important part. The fold of the mantle's drapery is identified.  August 13 2014