Detail of the Philip

Head of the Philip - originalReconstruction of the Philip


The apostle Philip's face had been completely repainted with a pinkish gray color, the eye had been reconfigureed, with the iris repaited with blackish strokes, and the mouth distorted by red repaint on the upper lip.

The current intervention achieved surprising results, especially in the flesh areas.
It recovered the face's sfumato and the neck's original coloring in the passages between illuminated and shadowed areas.


Study for the Head of Philip

study for the head of  PhilipWindsor Castle, Royal Collection (no. 12551)

The study was executed on white paper in charcoal pencil.

This drawing do not correspond to the painted composition in the Last Supper.

In the painting Philip is represented with foreshortened head, lower forehead, fuller lips, the left temple more exposed to the light, and a broader neck free of the hair almost covering it in the drawing.

After recent restoration, Philip's expression admirably recovered sorrowful.


Philip-originalPhilip-overlay study-Reconstruction image-overlay the study

The major difference between mural Philip and study for the Philip is forehead.



The reconstruction process

In the mural PhilipIn the mural Philip's condition is moderately-well, face, hand, drapery, it reminds Leonardo's feature.

He has the locks and curls of hair with vibrant copper-brown tones.

The newly legible features of the hands also display great charm.


Reconstruction of Philip's faceTo the left of Philip's face, the locks and curls of hair framing his face against the dark background.

It is possible that, the back of the head of Philip which is too extensive.

The principal copies of Philip show the different hair style.


Reconstruction of Philip's mantlePhilip's cloak had no border at the neckline, but only a green gem.

The pose of the Philip based on the study for the Last Supper, with hands raised to his chest.

The mantle presented a particularly complicated, vatican tapestory and Giampietrino's copy have the same expression of the complex drapery patern.

Reconstruction of Philip's blue robeThe left hand was in better condition, but a thumb was lost.

The right hand display the Leonardo's elegant technique.
Many original fragments and color of the hands survived.

The blue robe's are good condition, that were practically complete, which made it possible to study Leonardo's sfumato technique.



Compare the Principal Copies

Vatican's PhilipGiampietrino's Philip

Vatican tapestry - Philip
Giampietrino's Philip


The Philip's complex drapery patern of the vatican tapestory almost matches the Giampietrino's copy of the Philip.



Reconstruction under table

In the mural Philip's feetReconstruction Philip's feet

The shape of the Philip's foot had been reduced to shapeless .




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