Detail of the Peter

Head of the Judas - originalReconstruction of the Judas

Head of the Peter - original
Reconstruction of the Peter



There is a study for the right arm of Peter, Windsor Castle, Royal Collection. Leonardo's use of charcoal heightened with lead white allowed him to achieve extraordinarily soft.


study for the head of  Judas


1,black chalk on white paper

2, rapid stroke

3, in a slightly upright angle


The reconstruction process

The Last SupperOriginal condition is very poor, the facial features of the Judas is intricate. Judas 1Leonardo painted Peter with foreshortened profile.

The forward thrust of the Peter's complicated position is further heightened by the twisting of the right arm and hand.

Original condition is very poor, the facial features of the Peter is intricate.


Reconstruction of the head of Judas.It is possible that Peter's head is out of position in the Last Supper, he thrust his chin forward too much.

Three principal copies show the head of Peter in this position.


Reconstruction of the head of Peter.

Reconstruction of the green mantle.The original color of the blue robe was almost completely covered by the repaint.

Only the deepest folds were visible.

Reconstruction of the blue robe.

Reconstruction of the violet robe.Peter has a fisher's knife.
The left hand proved very compromised.

The yellow-orange mantle proved much more luminous, and it were being struck by a radiant natural light source from the left.

Reconstruction of the yellow-orange mantle.



Compare the Principal Copies

Vatican's JudasGiampietrino's Judas

Vatican tapestry - Judas
Giampietrino's Judas


In the both copies show the same pose and drapely, it can be presumed that these copies are faithful to the original of the Leonardo.
It should be noted that faith-line and hip-line, It considerably differs from the current Last Supper.


Reconstruction under table

peter zentaipeter zentai2

Under table, it was difficult to distinguish details in this area. The shape of the table legs could still just be discerned, everything else had been reduced to shapeless . The condition of the Peter's feet were also disastrous colors and shapes.  August 30 2014