Detail of the Matthew

Head of the Matthew - LeonardoReconstruction of the Matthew

Head of the Matthew - Leonardo
Reconstruction of the Matthew

The facial features of Matthew is a serious expression,a puzzlement and an anxiety. Especially Leonardo's approach to the eyebrow and the forehead,is a delicate and an exquisite touch.
The Matthew's lips just opened in amazement at the announcement of the betrayal.
The old repainted beared was removed.The youthful profile of the nose was almost completely recovered.
The Matthew's fascination is not the mere youthful beauty but an complicated facial expression.
All apostles in The Last Supper have various expressive face, uneasiness, astonishment, anxiety, anger. These emotion of the apostles give the splendid rhythm in the Last Supper.
The curls of the Matthew's hair reacquired their vibrant tones, from chestnut to golden blond.
Leonardo's brush stroke is strong and short, but the outline of the head was lost in the tapestry background.
The matthew's shoulder and the lower part of his mantle composed of a red lake glaze over the light-bleu base of the robe, whose original color was embellished with highlights and delicate chiaroscuro. Leonardo's color planning of the Matthew's robe is an elegant violet.


last supper - Matthewlast supper Matthew2


Digital restoration of the blue clothesDigital restoration of the blue mantle


Digital restoration of the hand and foot


1, Wrinkles between the eyebrows (Expression of the agony)

2, Lips just opened

3, White undershirt

4, Robe is an elegant violet