Detail of the Judas

Head of the Judas - originalReconstruction of the Judas

Head of the Judas - original
Reconstruction of the Judas



There is a study for the head of Judas, Windsor Castle, Royal Collection. It is executed in red chalk on prepared red paper.
This study exhibits a delcate, soft touch very different from Melzi's copies. In fact, it was drawn by Leonardo.


study for the head of  Judas


1, A wizened old face

2, a beardless face

3, short hair


The reconstruction process

The Last SupperOriginal condition is very poor, the facial features of the Judas is intricate. Judas 1Close examination determined that almost all the original color had been lost.

Head of the Judas  is represented almost in profile, and his face is in shadow.

Original condition is very poor, the facial features of the Judas is intricate.


Reconstruction of the head of Judas.The most important difference between the two Judas is a beard.

Leonardo added a rich beard to a sketch.

Reconstruction of the head of Judas.

Reconstruction of the green mantle.He wears a two-colored mantle, light blue on the right shoulder and green on the left.

Only Judas wears a two-colored mantle in the twelve apostles . It is the most mystery of the Last Supper, and an artificial.

Reconstruction of the green mantle.

Reconstruction of the violet robe.He wears a violet robe.
The purple robe had also been completely repainted.

Reconstruction of the violet robe.

Reconstruction of the blue mantle.These area contain three different blue robes.
These must have different colors each.

Grasped the leather bag, and a fallen salt cellar.

Reconstruction of the blue mantle.


Compare the Principal Copies

Vatican's JudasGiampietrino's Judas

Vatican tapestry - Judas
Giampietrino's Judas


The green mantle is  same, but the light-blue mantle of the right shoulder is different.
Giampietrino's mantle is dark blue, and the mantle of the Vatican tapestry is reddish brown. The purple robe had also been represented as orange. There are many variations of color in Judas's mantle and robe.


Reconstruction under table


Under table, it was difficult to distinguish details in this area. The shape of the table legs could still just be discerned, everything else had been reduced to shapeless . The condition of the Judas's feet were also disastrous colors and shapes.  August 12 2014