Digital Restoration of Battle of Cascina - Michelangelo


Battle of CascinaCopy of the Battle of cascina


Difference in center position

In Michelangelo's drawing, the person trying to put on clothes is placed in the center of the drawing. However, in Sangallo's picture, the center is around the head of "Soldier 8".
Furthermore in Michelangelo's drawing, the depiction on the left side of the center is complicated and dramatic, but in Sangallo's picture there are only four people drawn on the left side of the person wearing clothing and the spacing is sparse.

Michelangelo's drawing shows a movement like a series of swells seen in the Last Judgment later, but Sangallo's picture does not show such a big flow.


Battle of Cascina soldiers number① There are six people is common, (3,5,7,8,10,11).

② There is a possibility that 2, 1, 4 are not original of Michelangelo.


Soldiers number, Copy of Battle of Cascina    



Battle of Cascina digital restoration-2

Has the completed cartoon existed?

It is strange that duplicate paintings are not present other than Sangallo's copy despite the fact that Battle of Cascina is so famous painting.