Battle of Anghiari - Leonardo da vinci


Battle of Anghiari - warriorBattle of Anghiari Worrior reconstruction

Reconstruction of "Niccolò Piccinino"


Leonardo probably painted his composition not on the west wall, but on the southern half of the east wall of the Sala Grande.Michelangelo's so-called Battle of Cascina was to appear on the other half of the same wall.

Assuming that the two paintings were indeed intended for the east wall, they would each have covered an area of some 7 x 17.5 metres.

Nowadays, copies of the central battle scene are widely known, but originally battle scenes were planned to be drawn on both sides.
It seems that the composition was a composition with a bridge drawn on the right side like Battle of Milvian Bridge.

Judging from some of the copies and drawings that are currently being learned, Leonardo seems to be making a central battle scene without completing the detailed drawings of the left and right battle scenes.



Niccolò Piccinino Niccolò Piccinino -2

Niccolò Piccinino



Plan of Leonardo

Battle of Anghiari - 1

Study of Battle of Anghiari - Leonardo da vinci


Unfortunately the perfect Leonardo concept diagram does not exist.

However, the central battle scene is almost completed in composition, and the drawings of the right side are high in completeness and can be judged to be almost final stage.

Right side of Battle of Anghiari - Leonardo's drawing


Battle of anghiari - 3

Study of the Hosemen in Combat and Foot Soldiers


The drawing above is the left side of the battle of Anghiari.

The depiction is somewhat rough compared to the right part, and the state is not yet fully completed.

However, from this drawing Leonardo proves that not only the central battle scene, but also a lot of people and horses were placed on the left and right, and a long screen construction was planned next to it.

The figure below is a prediction of recovery by Carlo Pedretti.


Reconstruction of the Battle of Anghiari



Two copies - "Tavola Doria" and "Rubens"


Battle of Anghiari RubensBattle of Anghiari Tavola Doria


The big difference between the above two images is the proportion of the size of the person and horse.

The person drawn by Rubens is larger than the person depicted in Tavola Doria. Especially the size of the man with the red hat in the center is conspicuous.

The position of the right arm with the sword is the same, but the size of the face is quite different.

Overall, Tavola Doria is well-balanced, and the depiction of a person is also delicate.

On the other hand, it can be said that the drawings drawn by Rubens are somewhat inaccurate in portrayal.


Comparison of Rubens' drawing and ”Tavola Doria”

Comparison of Rubens' drawing and ”Tavola Doria